Usability Engineering

The user friendliness of electronic applications (online shops, info terminals, web portals ...) plays a major role for their success. People very rarely respond to interfaces that are difficult to use, an issue that might lead to loss of customers.

Through professional usability engineering, ParsGroup is able to increases the user friendliness and therefore the success of an application.

Usability Engineering Services:

  • Usability testing of interactive applications with the target audience.
  • User observation and user interview.
  • Narrative interviews.
  • Assistance and consulting for the development and update process.
  • Assistance and consulting for the conceptual design.
  • SEO - search engine optimization.
  • Interface configuration / design.
  • Application development.
  • Web usage mining and log file analysis.

Area of application:

  • Web.
  • Software
  • Terminals
  • Mobile phone applications and Handhelds.
  • Print


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