ParsGroup Service Platform (PGSP) enables via a scalable, standardised core combined with unique plug-in service-modules, the rapid deployment of services for a myriad of telecommunication use-cases thus supporting a quick time to market without sacrificing quality.

The ParsGroup Service platform offer:

With our in-house PGSP solution we are able to provide the following services which can either be integrated into existing web solutions or used directly such as in corporate marketing initiatives:

  • SMS bulk sending.
  • SMS inbox.
  • WAP push.
  • Video & voice mailbox.
  • Video & voice IVR.
  • Mobile camera surveillance.
  • Micro payment.

Using a mix of established open source components and proprietary in-house development both CAPEX and OPEX costs can be kept to a minimum without reducing the functionality or quality of the solution.

Due to the open interfaces used, the PGSP can be used either by operators/MVNOs or also by B2M providers - i.e. either within or outside a provider’s network.

Key facts of the video platform:

Content Management

  • your content e.g. images, movies or audio.
  • user generated content.
  • UNIQUE: real time conversion from stored content to fit the end-users mobile!.

Video Support

  • LIVE video stream (high quality cameras can be controlled and steered).
  • STORED films (can be provided in a structured form)..
  • UNIQUE: indoor and outdoor cameras!.

Interactives portal

  • Animated previews..
  • Banner ads..
  • Dynamic text overlays..
  • DTMF menu control..

Deployment & Customisation

We have both a hosted solution available as well as product to integrare in your data centre. Both solutions are available including project specific adaptations to suit your needs. All services can be rapidly deployed and the platform provides detailed usage statistics.


All services can be rapidly deployed and our customer can be provided with detailed usage statistics.