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ParsGroup can offer its consulting services independently. Our interest is to find the best solution for the customer.

Whenever a new technology like UMTS, mobile-tv, convergence billing, etc. is introduced to the mobile communication market there is a need for know how and experienced professionals. The problem is that due to the innovation of this technology sufficient know-how is rare or even not existing in the open market.

Our consulting services, whether addressing mobile operators or suppliers, all share a common goal:

  • Simplicity.
  • Best Practice.
  • Cost-Efficient - Cost Saving.
  • Vendor Independency.

ParsGroup can offer that know-how because of more than 8 years experience in 3G/UMTS and more then 15 years in 2G/GSM technologies.

Our IT Consulting Services

  • Telecommunications and IT.
  • Project Management.
  • Service Management.
  • IT Administration.
  • IT Operation.
  • Business Process Support.
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